One wrong move and it all falls apart…

Even though she was a highly paid professional, when it came to money, she had a feast or famine mentality. She would swing between carelessly overspending to punishing herself into thinking she had nothing. She hardly ever looked at her bank account, and did no money management whatsoever. This meant she paid bills late and wasn’t able to file her taxes. Making almost double the median income, she felt like a complete failure.

We agreed a good first step was for her to simply check her bank balances each morning. Through feelings of resistance, she was able to keep it up for a few days. Then she let herself skip a day, and everything fell apart. The critical voice inside her beat her up, “SEE! You’ve already ruined it. You couldn’t even do this. You are a failure. Just give up.”

This was perfect! We had set the scene to uncover the fears and stored negative feelings that were keeping her stuck. When she “failed” at checking her balances, it brought the unconscious pattern that blocked her motivation to the surface. Now it was time to destabilize that pattern, and open her mind up to believing something new.

I taught her one of my favorite rapid change techniques, Eye Movement Integration. After just a couple of minutes, the idea of having to be perfect or a failure with money seemed silly! Of course mistakes are going to happen – that’s just natural!

The closer we get to believing what’s actually true, the better results we’ll have in life.  What seemed much more real and healing for her now was the idea of “My mistakes are valuable to me”.  We helped integrate her new truth on a subconscious level with a couple more rounds of the rapid change technique. This new idea generated feelings of acceptance and compassion.

She knew looking at her past spending as she cleaned up her bookkeeping was going to show her LOTS of mistakes. Now she felt excited to tackle the job, knowing her mistakes are a valuable part of her learning.

How to address what’s keeping you stuck:

  1. Decide on a small task that you struggle with
  2. Bring awareness to the negative thoughts and feelings that steal your motivation to do this task
  3. Do a rapid change technique to destabilize the old thoughts and feelings
  4. Then ask yourself, “What is possible for me now?” or “What idea would support me having this?”
  5. Use the rapid change technique to anchor in the new idea

This is so easy! I love doing it because changing old stuck ideas at the subconscious level looks like magic for my clients. When an idea is ready to shift it works wonderfully, and there are times when the situation is more complex and requires more support.

Whether you are struggling with being consistent managing your money, your eating, or just getting stuff done at work – your mistakes are valuable! Notice what changes inside of you if you could know this to be true.

If you’d like to learn a rapid change technique or get more help for the places you’ve been stuck, I’d love to set up a time to chat. Just take a moment to let me know what’s up, and then find a time that works best for you.


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