One Day Spiritual Retreat – December 18th, 2016

Attention: Introverts, Sensitives, Healers and Empaths

Feeling stressed?  Burnt out?  Drained?
Overwhelmed trying to make sense of everything that’s going on?

“How to let go of other people’s problems and the painful past – easily and effectively”

So you can get your life back, be creative and inspired,
more connected to your purpose and on your path.



Introducing the

One Day Spiritual Retreat



In this small group class, you will learn:

  • How to get in your body, to de-stress, feel safe and in charge of your life
  • How to protect yourself energetically and have better boundaries
  • How to recycle your energy, so that you can let go of what doesn’t belong to you and get your energy back

Don’t move into 2017 weighed down by all the garbage of the last year.  Sign up now for the One Day Spiritual Retreat so you can lighten up, be amused and feel great going forward. See you there!



TIME: Sunday, December 18th from 10am-5pm

LOCATION: Historic Oakland Office, 825 Washington Street

PRICE: “Listen to your Intuition” pricing.  No charge now, just your credit card info to hold your seat.

At the end of the event, I will ask what your intuition says the class was worth to you. Any amount is acceptable, although I would recommend between $20-$200 as a range. That’s all you will be charged – no questions asked!

I am offering this retreat as a healing gift to my community, and I honor the Light and Wisdom inside of you!

SEAT DEPOSIT: To save your seat, just sign up here and enter your credit card info.  If you are unable to make the event, there will be a $47 deposit charge.  Please sign up for the next one!

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