Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I be so successful in some areas of my life, and struggle so much in others?

Why can’t I get it together when it comes to my __________ (weight/confidence/anxiety/emotions/relationships/past hurts)?”

The answer is stored in your subconscious mind.  It holds onto emotional patterns, habits, and the stories we tell ourselves about who we are.  The subconscious keeps us breathing and our heart beating. It wants to take care of us and keep us safe. It finds what works and holds on to it.

Unfortunately, what made sense to a six-year old us doesn’t really work for the 35-year old version of us. What we needed to think and feel in order to survive a tough time  doesn’t work well once the storm has passed. Our subconscious mind can be badly in need of an update.

That’s where I, with my toolbox of hypnotherapy, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming, similar to cognitive behavioral therapy), EFT (emotional freedom technique), meditation and energy techniques come in.

We all received the best our parents and all the authority figures in our lives had to give.  What most of us didn’t get at the age of maturity is the message and the understanding that we are free to update the beliefs and patterns from our past quickly and easily. The mind learns and re-learns very quickly, when you understand how to speak its language.

For example, If you place your hand near a hot stove, how long does it take you to learn to not rest your hand there? Your subconscious mind will remember for you!  It’s good that we have a pattern of not plopping our hands onto the stove. No need to update this pattern. But what about when we are hurt by people whom we care about or look up to? The patterns we learn then can have a lasting unwanted effect on our future relationships. How about patterns of eating when we are stressed and storing fat to feel safe.  Sometimes we adopt patterns of eating as a way to please others.  A needed survival technique for children, but an unhealthy emotional pattern for us as adults.

Similarly, how often do you need to re-learn how to operate a door knob, or tie your shoes? This is a wonderful use of the subconscious mind. We don’t have to think about these things consciously. But what about patterns of always having to say “yes” to people, or feeling fearful about taking risks or making changes in your life?  These are situations where being able to update the information the subconscious mind operates on can be tremendously beneficial and give you lots of new choices to enjoy.

And it can be more easy and quick than you would imagine.  Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching can be done with a minimal amount of revisiting or rehashing the past.  It can be successful even when it is “content-free” (you don’t have to share the details of your situation if you don’t wish to).  Reliving old emotional wounds is not helpful here. In fact, no problem state is needed! learn how to unblock your creativity and access talent you may have forgotten you had. It is so much fun to focus on what you already do well, and help you be even better!

In my years of practice, I have found for most people using hypnotherapy and NLP are new and unique experiences. Many have questions about how it works, it’s effectiveness and what to expect. The best way to find out, of course, is to ASK! I would love to meet with you, so give me call when you are ready to set up an initial consultation in our Oakland office, or select a time that is good for you to chat over the phone.

If, after reviewing your goals, we find I am not the best-suited practitioner for your needs, I am glad to refer you to any of the number of health and wellness professionals with which I am connected to in the San Francisco Bay Area.  My goal is that you get the exact help that you need!

To set a time for your free initial consultation, email me at [email protected] or call 510-453-0236.