Fitness in Body and Mind

Whether you are feeling depressed and anxious or confident and energized, your mental and emotional well-being are directly related to your level of physical activity and health.  You CAN take good care of yourself and manage your mind, body and emotions no matter what your time constraints, weight, fears or other limitations might be.

I found this connection between body, emotions and mind to be so important, that I became a NASM Certified Fitness Trainer. This enables me with knowledge and skills to help my hypnotherapy and coaching clients make real improvements in their health: Body, Mind & Soul.

Currently I am providing fitness assessments, designing exercise programs, and offering personal training sessions with Kewesi Simon at KES Fitness.

If you are interested in a fitness assessment or to talk about the obstacles that are preventing you from taking the steps you need towards health, give me a call at (510) 453-0236 or drop me an email at [email protected].

I am ready to help you discover how attainable and worthwhile feeling great can be. Don’t wait another day to start taking good care of yourself.